Monday 24 May 2010

The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate

Type: Relationship
Author: Gary Chapman
My rating: 4
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Posted by Dominic

Book introduction:

This book talks about the 5 different ways of communicating and pleasing your partner. According to the book, each of us has a specific preference towards one of the five ways, if the partner "speaks" the right language, the relationship will work very well, if the partner doesn't "speak" the right one then no matter how well he/she speaks the other four languages, the relationship will have much problems.

So the five languages of love are:
1) Quality Time: Undivide attention and quality communications
2) Words of compliments: Sincere compliments
3) Gifts: Well thought out presents
4) Physical assistance: Help dealing, resolving matters
5) Physical touch: Hugging, hand holding and else

It is also easy to find out what works well on your partner and what is lacking, e.g.
"He always bring me very nice gifts", "We don't talk anymore", "He used to help me with many things". Well, you can figure out the rest.

My review:

A very interesting book that structurely catogorises the different ways to treat each other. For new lovers, they "speak" all 5 languages on a very frequent basis, and they are also very receptive to all 5 languages, but when the honey moon period is over, we need to pay more attention to find out which of the 5 languages that our partner really likes to "hear".

A good friend of mine introduced and explained this book to me and immediately I thought of the language that worked well on my girlfriend and I "spoke" a little more along that dimension :-) Highly recommended.

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