Sunday 23 May 2010

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Type: Relationship
Author: John Gray, PhD
My rating: 4
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Posted by Dominic

Book introduction:

Do men and women understand each other? Why do men and women communicate in different modes? Can we learn to adapte each other's approach? How can we improve the quality of our interaction with our significant others?

This book has all the answers that you are looking for. It describes the common communication issues between the two genders and explain why we see things differently, and how we misinterpret each others and how we can approach things in a better way by understanding how the opposite sex thinks.

My review:

The result is remarkable, it's like relearning how to speak, or learning a new language. The quality of communication is much enhanced and thus the relationship is improved. The issues mentioned in the book are so common that you think the book was written based on your own experience. The solutions are remarkably simply, but it requires a lot of practice as old habits of communicating is hard to change. I recommend this book to all lovers and to those who are searching for love. Okay, I do have a negative point on this book, it tends to repeat itself too much, recycling old ideas, apart from that, it's great.

Replied by Vanessa. My rating:3
My review:
Good book and pointed out the characteristics of males/ females, how to interpret behavours and enhance communications.

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