Sunday 23 May 2010

Tuesdays with Morrie

Type: Leisure Self-improvement
Author: Mitch Albom
My rating: 5
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Posted by Vivian L.

Book introduction:

'tuesdays with Morrie' is a book about Mitch Albom who got the chance to rediscover Morrie Schwartz in the last months of Morrie's life, who was once the college professor who taught him like 20 years ago. The relationship turned out to be lessons on 'how to live'. It's a real story detailing their moments shared together in the last months of the old man and how Mitch rediscovered his own life through the lessons.

My review:

I truly love this book. It touches you deeply into your heart. Being busy in our everyday life, perhaps we have already forgotten how we once were, how innocent, yet very positive and energetic about our world, things around us. As the years passed, we seem to have lost of track of our dreams, our direction in life, this book sort of awakens and inspire you in every aspect of your life. There are quite a lot of proverbs that are really enlightening. Have we ever wonder what are the important things in our life? Is it, death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness or a meaningful life? That worths a thought!

Replied by Vanessa. My rating:5
My review:
A very touching and exceptionally well written little book. Simple words were used to describe the complexity in life, in an everchanging society.
A book that I would buy for teenages and pple who are in their mid twenties. (not sure abt 30s/ 40s/50s as I have not experience that part of life as yet)
Leave it at your bedside and read one chapter a day, this will give you a little reflection about your ownself after a busy day.
I also read the other book by him called 'five people you meet in heaven'. Interesting setting of the story. Sometimes pple around us have impact on us which we seldom realise.

Replied by Dominic. My rating:5
My review:
Heard so much about it and finally got hold of a copy from a friend. A very touching book on a true story of a dying professor, how he saw life in the face of death. I particularly like "when you learn how to die, you learn how to live" and also, don't let the so-called modern culture dictate what we want. Think hard on what we our heart really really wants. The ideas in the book are not new but people are often too busy to think about them and overlook what are truly important in life - love and family.

Replied by irene. My rating:5
My review:
one of the best books i've read. simple and inspiring! i read it 2 years ago when i started thinking what i want in life. the most touching message of the book is "in a society we're very often influenced by its culture. if we don't stand firmly, we will easily lose ourselves and follow the flow. know who you're and what you want to be, create your own culture"

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