Sunday 23 May 2010

What Color is your parachute?

Type: Business, Self-improvement
Author: Richard N. Bolles
My rating: 3
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Posted by Dominic

Book introduction:

This book recommends some exercises and approaches to identify your ideal career. It also suggests how you can get there. You may generate some new ideas about your next move and what actions you should take now. 

My review:

Though the ideas are not new, the book does give some insights on searching the desired career. Don't waste your time on paths that lead to no where, focus on your networks.

"Are you approaching your job hunt as a
LIFE-CHANGING career move?"
YOU SHOULD! But how? Spend some time to really understand yourself and devise a strategy that suits you! Also learn about the myths of job hunting.

Is there something wrong with your job hunting process? Read this example:

A typical job hunting process
1. Search on mass-internet job site
2. Read classified in newspaper
3. Contact head-hunters
4. Ask network for referral

Employer filling a position
1. Look from within his organisation
2. Ask trusted network for referral
3. Engage head-hunters
4. Advertise in newspaper or mass job site

So you see how a typical job hunting process is out of step to the employers' procedure in finding talents. Many people waste precious time in endless search on mass jobs site and classified AND they convince themselves that they are making good progress by browsing a long list of job openings that match their so called "keywords". Instead they should catch the jobs at a much earlier stage - the "Network referral" stage. Not only you are able to catch the better jobs, you actually have a higher chance of finding the RIGHT job! - Because, your network has done the screening for you and your prospective employers, not to mention the important "trust" element in a referral.

Isn't it time you adopt the correct approach? I wish you every success!

Replied by irene. My rating:3
My review:
I find the exercise to brainstorm career options useful, but the disadvantage of this book is that most job search information are for America.

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