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Type: FictionAuthor: 片山恭一 
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Posted by Dominic
Book introduction:

Sakutaro and Aki are high school sweet heart. Aki died of leukemia. This is the story of Sakutaro and Aki as told by Sakutaro, how they fell deeply in love, how Aki became sick and passed away, what was the joint wish that was unfulfilled. How Sakutaro's grandfather's affection for another lady had inspired both Sakutaro and Aki...
ISBN 988201867X

My review:

A movie and a TV drama called Crying out love in the centre of the world 在世界中心呼喚愛 were made out of this book. Personally, I like both the book and the movie. But the movie is much better, more touching and they have added some clever tricks in the movie that made it more interesting.

Young 1st love that is separated by death is always so very sad and touching. Especially so if there is one last unfulfilled dying wish.

This book broke the best selling record set by 村上春樹 Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood 挪威的森林. It sold over 2.5Million copies in Japan.

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