Friday 28 May 2010

Norwegian Wood 挪威的森林

Type: FictionAuthor: Haruki Murakami 村上春樹 
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Posted by Dominic
Book introduction:

A story of complex love relationships that have been further complicated by sex and by death of close friends, relatives or lovers. 渡边 is trying to figure out his relationship with 直子 and 绿子 of whom he loves both in very different way and for very different reasons and with very different history.

My review:

I feel kind of sad after reading this book. The helplessness of human when it comes to relationship and death. 渡边 the lead character is always torn between other characters, lost in what he should be doing and let life takes its own course and sometimes let desire takes over. In the end he takes a firmer stance and no longer letting desire to take over, but he was too late about 直子's situation and I think the ending implies he was able to make out something good of the 绿子's relationship.

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